Monday, March 31, 2008

Post Pourri

Many thanks to an anonymous commenter for the suggestion of using the term “post pourri”. Although… anyone who comments anonymously must be a coward. So I take it back—no thanks to you, whoever you are! I plan to claim the idea as my own.

I know that I haven’t been posting lately. I’ve been very busy, and not with things that are worth writing about. I haven’t even posted to the Bible Blog in a while, which is unusual for me—for the most part I’ve been managing to post there regularly, even if I haven’t been posting here.

My bladder problems are still ongoing, from the last time I wrote about it. I’ve stopped taking the “pee pills” that the doctor prescribed, because of a side effect which has begun to happen. He told me that it’s not a big deal if I stop taking them—it’s just a “lifestyle drug”—so I didn’t feel bad for stopping. Hopefully the side effect will go away, soon.

I’ve decided that I’m not a good cook. I’d had some good results, for some things that I made, but I think those were exceptions, rather than the rule, because everything I’ve cooked lately has turned out terribly, in one way or another. (e.g. the stew that I tried to cook recently.) We bought some lamb kebobs the other day, and I tried cooking those, but the problem is that you have to broil them, and I’ve never used the broiler feature on my oven. So they burned. (Not terribly, but a bit. They were harder than they should have been, although they still tasted okay.) I’m making waffles on a regular basis these days, and they’re turning out okay, although still not perfect. (I think I have an issue because I’m using 2% milk, instead of skim milk, which the recipe calls for; I had better results when I used skim milk.) So, because my cooking skills are somewhat lacking, I get nervous every time we have chicken because, hey, when you’re not a good cook, chicken isn’t something you want to mess around with…

I’m thinking about changing my blog template, slightly. The issue is that I have it set to take up the whole screen, in terms of width, but that’s not a good idea for people who are reading this on a widescreen monitor. (It’s hard to read text that stretches too far horizontally—which is why so many blog templates have such narrow bands of text.) So I might make it narrower, when I find the time. Unfortunately, I don’t think CSS will let me be as precise as saying “the width of the screen or X pixels wide, whichever is smaller”. So I’ll be stuck doing what every other blog template does: have a lot of wasted space.

And that’s it. The next time I think of something to write—and actually have the time to do it—I’ll do so. Until then… um… don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.