Friday, February 15, 2008


If I have any regular readers left—I don’t make the assumption that I do—they probably grit their teeth and swear silently every time I wrote a blog post about blogs, or blogging, or bloggers. Luckily, when I write this blog, I only write it for my own benefit, not my readers’, so I don’t have to suffer any unnecessary feelings of guilt for posting this. (Also, I’m including a pie chart, and experience has proven that my blog readers love pie charts. So that should shut ’em up.)

There are currently six blogs that I follow actively, in my Live Bookmarks. (I haven’t yet started using services like I’m always behind the curve on stuff like that.) Unfortunately, all six of those blogs seem to be in a slump lately; nobody’s posting. (To be fair, one of those bloggers specifically mentioned that she wouldn’t be posting for a while, so I’m not expecting anything from her.) So I decided it was time, once again, to start using Blogger’s Next Blog feature, and go through random blogs, in search of something interesting. Here’s what I found:


Sometimes I get lucky, but this time I didn’t. (Maybe I should start using, to find interesting new blogs…) I’m starting to wish that there was a way to tell the Next Blog feature that I only want English blogs, so that my graphs wouldn’t get so skewed—there are way more non-English-speaking people in the world than English-speaking people, so it shouldn’t surprise me that there are more non-English blogs than English blogs.

You can’t tell the numbers from the chart above—I forgot to include them, and closed the spreadsheet before I thought of it—but there was just one blog that I “just couldn’t explain”, and it was a blog called Microsoft Outlook 2007. (I probably shouldn’t be driving traffic to it, but oh well. Since I’m assuming I don’t have any regular readers, it means I won’t drive much traffic to it.)