Monday, April 02, 2007

I have a need to communicate… something.

Do you ever get an urge to log into your blog and write about something, even though you have absolutely nothing to write about?

Well, okay, sure, many of the readers in my huge audience base probably don’t have blogs, so the question wouldn’t apply to them. And others used to have blogs, but then got bored of them and stopped posting, so I guess their answer to the question would be “no”.

And, of course, there are other readers—you know who you are—who think anyone who has a blog is a loser in the first place; so their answer would also be a resounding “No, serna, I never have the urge to log onto my computer and type out a post for all of my loser blog friends. That never happens.”

But for all of you, whether you have blogs or not, whether you understand blogs or not, whether you think I’m a loser for having a blog or not, can probably agree on one thing: Reading this post was a waste of your time.