Monday, April 02, 2007

Blogs (again)

Remember a few weeks ago, when I wrote that I’d been clicking the Next Blog» link up above, and reading random Blogger blogs? (If not, click the link in the previous sentence, and refresh your memory.) Well, I tried it again. And this time, I didn’t find a single one that I was interested in reading.

In case you’re interested in why I wasn’t interested in any of the ones I found, here’s a breakdown:

Some of those categories might not be self-explanatory, so here’s what they mean:

  • Music: Any blog I visited that had music playing I simply disregarded immediately. The last thing I want when I’m reading a blog is to have crappy MIDI music playing!
  • Crazy: These were blogs by people with, ahem, non-traditional subject matter.
  • Too Specific: I didn’t bother reading a blog if it was a “so and so fan blog”, especially if I’d never heard of “so and so”.
  • Family: Some person keeping a blog of their childrens’ lives, or that sort of thing.
  • Spam: There are various blogs that are set up with no real content, just as a placeholder for Google Ads, so somebody can make a couple of bucks.
  • ALMOLST: These ones were almost interesting enough to keep reading, but not quite
  • Non-English: Self explanatory
  • Webcams / Sex: Also self-explanatory, but I was surprised at how many I found, out of the blogs I looked at
  • Boring: Catch-all category. If I find it boring, I’m not going to read it.
Keep in mind that this isn’t meant to be judgemental. (Well, I guess it was judgemental for some of the ones I listed as “boring”.) Just because I don’t happen to be interested in a particular blog, doesn’t mean it has no use. (A perfect example is the family blogs; they have a use, and they’re not intended to be read by me.)

But I will say this: If you have a blog, and you have music playing, for the love of all of your current and potential readers, please take it off. It’s annoying.