Tuesday, August 23, 2005

More Publishing Woes

Because of my problems finding a Canadian Christian publisher, my pastor found one for me. Unfortunately, when I took a brief glance at it, it looks like it might be a vanity press. Which isn’t necessarily bad... I had been considering using a vanity press before.

But, on the other hand, I’d really love to be able to publish this through a “real” publisher. It almost seems like I’m giving up on that, by going to a vanity press. It’s like I’m saying “well, I know I can’t get it published, so I’ll go this route instead”.


Anonymous said...

this might sound corny and the worst advice ever but in m experience when I think nothings gonna work out and everythings going downhill, God slaps me in the face and says im in control (well not literally slap, lol thats ..well u know what I mean) and then everything turns out fine, even if it doesnt go the way u expect it to, it will go where God wants it to go, i think, and thats better than any other way. did that make sense? oh well theres my thought of the day. Let God take it where he wants it to go. Trust and have faith.