Friday, August 12, 2005


When it comes to TV, my life is full of coincidences.

For example, this happens to me all the time: There will be a show that I’ve never seen before, and I’ll give it a try. Then I won’t watch it again for months or even years. But if I watch it again, those months or years later, it will be the same episode that I watched the first time.

Another example: My wife and I were talking about Home Movies the other day, a cartoon that we watch (on Teletoon, if you’re from Canada). We were trying to figure out our favourite episodes, and she came up with one, and I came up with another. The next night, one of those episodes was on, even though it hadn’t been on for months. The night after that, the other episode was on.

But most of the coincidences happen around The Simpsons. It happens all the time - I’ll be thinking about some particular Simpsons episode, and then the next day I’ll see it on TV. People may think “oh, big deal serna, you watch the Simpsons all the time” - but I don’t, really. I watch it fairly often, sure, but not that often. And considering that there are now 16 seasons worth of episodes to air, what are the chances that I’d end up seeing the very one I had been thinking of?


Anonymous said...

That happens to me too, but only with Everybody Loves Raymond and The 2 favorite shows. hehe