Monday, February 01, 2010

Skip Intro

There are a lot of websites out there that start off with a Flash animation introduction, and then somewhere on the page—usually right under the animation—they have a link that says “Skip Intro” for those who aren’t interested in the animation. Well Google has introduced an interesting feature to their search results; see the first item on the screen:

Such a simple feature, but I bet I’ll be clicking that every time I see it, instead of the regular search result.

I wonder if people will now be looking for ways to get around that, so that people won’t bypass their animations from the Google search results? Then again, if they already have the ‘Skip Intro” link on their site, then maybe they wouldn’t care if people bypassed it directly from the Google search results; they’re trying not to annoy people who don’t want to see the animation, so people will be even less annoyed now.


Sweep said...

That's a great feature! If only I didn't love the flash animations so much so I could take advantage of it...