Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I haven’t written here in a long time. Whoops. Some things have been happening, I just haven’t found time to come here and write them down. (Nothing really exciting, but still, things.)

I’ve changed offices, at work. I used to work in North York, and I’m not working in Mississauga. (Same company, just a different client and a different office.) I’m hoping this is a temporary move—I miss the people I used to work with—but we’ll see. On the plus side, though, the drive is much shorter. Especially on days when I don’t carpool with Andrea, I can make it to the office in fifteen minutes in the morning, and make it home in twenty to thirty minutes in the afternoon. (As opposed to forty-five minutes to the North York location—or maybe thirty on the way home, if I took the 407 toll road on the way home.)

We had our choir concert, a couple of weeks ago. I did a terrible job, this year, of advertising it to my friends. I did send some emails out to my coworkers, but I didn’t email most of my friends. But it went very well; we did an actual musical this year, and I think the folks in the choir did a really good job. Usually, for our concerts, we have a series of skits/scenes, interspersed with songs in between, but this year we did an actual musical. (Which was mostly like a normal concert—scenes interspersed with songs performed by the whole choir—except that some of the scenes had singing in them as well.)

Shortly after the concert, though, Andrea and I got a bit rundown. And then we heard that Andrea’s sister had been “exposed” to swine flu, and I started to get paranoid. To make matters worse, Andrea got a strange pain in her left arm, and suddenly I also had a strange pain in my left arm! swine flu! Isn’t one of the symptoms of swine flu muscle pain?!? Except that Andrea’s sister—the one who has supposedly been “exposed” to swine flu—never got sick. And neither did Andrea; she was rundown for a bit, and then she was fine, even though my sore throat continued. And her pain went away, even though my arm was killing me. And then we remembered: I’d recently started doing handstand pushups; it’s pretty easy to pull a muscle doing those types of pushups. I probably just pulled a muscle.

So I didn’t have swine flu. (Not that I was worried about it in the first place. Even if I’d had it, I wasn’t worried; it’s just the flu.) However, my cold did cause me to miss a bunch of stuff:

  • I missed a church business meeting on Friday evening, even though I was up for re-election as Deacon. (I was voted in anyway.)
  • I missed a family reunion on Saturday afternoon, that I had been greatly looking forward to.
  • I missed a reading by Andrea on Saturday evening.
  • I missed my god-daughter’s birthday party on Sunday afternoon.
I can’t think of anything else right now, but I’m sure other things happened recently, too.


Sweep said...

Just thought I'd point out a slight spelling error. Sentence two of paragraph two. I think "not" should be "now".