Thursday, January 31, 2008

Buck Rogers

A long time ago, I wrote about an episode of Buck Rogers that I’d watched, where they encounter a Vorvon. And when I wrote that, I said this:

Similarly, during any of the scenes with the vampire, Erin [Gray] was doing this weird, shuddery style breathing. For me, that will always represent what a person should sound like, when s/he is scared of a vampire. (So you should probably try and find a copy of this episode, and watch it, just in case you ever happen to encounter one. You don’t want to be unprepared.)
Which was really stupid. I should have just gone to YouTube, and found a clip for you. Like this.

But while I was playing around on YouTube, I found some other Buck Rogers clips. And most interesting of all, I found the intro from the pilot.

To get the full effect, first watch the intro from the series:

That’s what the intro was for the TV show. Now, when you’re ready for your mind to be blown, take a gander at the intro from the original pilot/movie.

My first thought, after seeing it: What the hell was that?!? What’s with all of the women rolling around on the ground? (And why for so long?)

But you know what’s the most embarrassing part? A few years ago, I did a guitar solo for a Jehovah Shalom song called Even Moreyou can listen to it here—and parts of that solo sound a lot like the music for this Buck Rogers intro. Is it possible that I’ve seen this before, and when I was coming up with my guitar solo, it popped out of my subconscious? I hope not. Of all of the things to rip off, I’d prefer if it wasn’t this…


Anonymous said...

It does kind of sound like "Even More". Sadly. If I woman wearing those goggles crawled up to me, I'd shudder like I saw a vampire too.

"Is it all in my mind" indeed.