Monday, September 03, 2007

A week of bachelorhood! All right! I’m… I’m going to waste it.

Andre’s gone, for a week, to visit relatives in the States. Which leaves me a week all by myself. What am I going to do with my “freedom”, you ask? Well… not much. It’s not like there are a lot of things I’d like to do and can’t, when Andrea is around. So I’ll probably have a steak dinner one night (or maybe two), and I’ll probably watch a lot of 007 movies. That’s about it.

And what did I do today, since I had the whole day to myself? Well… I cleaned the house. Not even all of it; I just did a really good job with the upstairs.

Let me explain…

On Friday, Andrea finally decided that she would be joining her family, when they went to the States. (Before that, she wasn’t really sure if she’d be free to take the time off work.) Which meant that Saturday would be our last day together; “we should do something fun!” I thought. The thing is, Andrea had a lot of things she needed to do, Saturday, before she left. So we compromised: What if we just go to St. Jacobs Market? It’s only about an hour away, which would leave plenty of time to do all of the things she wanted to do.

Except that… we got lost. In our defense, the directions from Google Maps weren’t that clear; there was a particular street we were on, which was called Highway 85 on all of the street signs, but Google Maps referred to it as “Conestoga Parkway”. So we took a wrong turn, and the trip which should have been an hour ended up taking two. The market itself was great; we bought more than we usually do, when we go somewhere like that. (Part of my “week of bachelorhood” will include fresh corn on the cob. It will also involve those candies made out of pure maple sugar, and way too much fudge, for my liking.) Then, on the way out, traffic trying to get out of the parking lot was insane. And so was traffic on the way back into Toronto. “Oh yeah,” I thought, “it’s a long weekend! That explains it!”

So we finally got home, and we were worried, because Andrea wouldn’t get to do all that she wanted to do. And one of the things she wanted to do was clean, because our house is a mess. (Well, it was a mess. Now it’s a mess downstairs, and nice upstairs.) I told her to forget about the cleaning, and I’d do it this week, while she’s gone. Frankly, I felt guilty; I was the one who was pushing for us to do something fun on Saturday; I would have felt really bad for her to stay up half the night trying to clean, just because I had pushed us to go somewhere.

Wow, that was a long post, to explain something very trivial. Why do you even bother to read this foolishness?!? Don’t you have something better to do with your time? Or did you just keep reading in the hopes that there would be a point buried in all of this, only to be disappointed once again?

Incidentally, this is my 750th post. I’m three quarters of the way to 1,000. One of these days, the people at Blogger are going to come and see me, and personally demand that I pay them back for all of the bandwidth I’ve wasted.