Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Back to the grind

It’s the Tuesday after a long weekend, so of course I’m just dying to get back to work. (Warning: the previous sentence contained large doses of sarcasm.) Is it a bad sign when you’ve only been at work for 40 minutes, and you’ve already got a headache?

I was just looking at my blog, and realized that my last two posts mention being middle-aged. Which I fully realize I’m not—but I’m getting there.

My weekend was pretty good. I did a lot of sleeping Monday, which must mean that I’d been tired. Either that or I have mono. If I fall asleep at work today, it means I have mono. (If so, I promise to put up a “serna Health Update” to keep you all informed.)

I was thinking about it on the weekend, and I think it might be time to get back to work on one or more of my books. I should probably finish off God in the Driver’s Seat first, since it’s been on the shelf for… oh… a long time now. I don’t know how long. But a while. I’d also like to get back into the novel, which is always there in the back of my mind—even though I don’t know if it’s any good or not. I’d like to finish it off, and send it to someone who knows what they’re doing, to get an opinion on that.

And that’s it. Maybe I’ll post again later today. More likely I won’t post for a couple of days, since that’s how it’s going these days, on this blog.