Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Frigging Norton

I like Norton AntiVirus much better than McAfee. However, there is one thing I hate about it: it really, really wants to scan MSN Messenger. If I tell it not to, it gives me a warning every time I start Windows, and tries to tell me that there is an item which is “affecting my status”.

But, if I turn that feature on, then Norton has a nasty habit of automatically starting Windows Messenger behind the scenes once in a while—and on my computer, when Windows Messenger starts, it automatically signs me in. What’s worse, when Norton automatically opens Windows Messenger, it opens it up running in the background—not even the little icon in the taskbar shows up! So I don’t even know it’s running, but I’m signed in, and people can send me messages.

So, my apologies to Macker and Tara, who sent me messages today, when I was away from my computer, because Messenger told them I was online. I wasn’t ignoring you.


Anonymous said...

mmmhmm... a likely excuse. :P