Thursday, April 13, 2006

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Speaking of taking chances on buying CDs, I almost bought a CD by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs last night, even though I don’t know anything about their music.

I was in HMV, buying the Bond CD, and it was part of a special deal; I could get three CDs for $30, or I could buy the CD by itself for $25. Not a hard decision; I spent the next little while looking through the store for two more CDs—that had the green “3/$30” sticker on them, of course. I found a “best of” Johnny Cash CD, but then I got stuck. I couldn’t find another CD that was part of the “three for thirty” deal. And then, when I was getting desperate, I saw a CD by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs that had the green sticker on it.

Now, I don’t know anything about the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I don’t even know one of their songs; if they’re getting played on the radio, and I’ve heard them, I didn’t know it. (I don’t always pay attention to the artists or names of songs, when I’m listening to the radio.) However, I have heard a lot of buzz about them, probably mostly from blogs I’ve been reading, and I was very tempted to take a chance on it, and give it a shot.

In the end, though, I did a bit more searching, and found a best of GNFNR CD that I bought instead.

This is apparently my week for “best of” CDs.