Friday, November 30, 2007


Anyone who uses MSN Messenger, and sometimes has to change computers, might find this useful.

I just got a new laptop at work, and was trying to find a way to export my custom emoticons from the copy Messenger on the old laptop, and import them on the new one. There is no way to do this, using the application itself, but I found a tool on the internet called ConCon. It can export/import custom emoticons, background images and profile pictures, and a whole bunch of other things. I did run into a problem, where it was only able to import some of my emoticons, and then it would just quit on me, but I solved that problem by doing them one by one, until I found the one that had been causing the problem.

I can’t guarantee that the program is bug-free, I only used it for a couple of hours, but really, that’s all you need. In fact, if I hadn’t had problems with one particular emoticon, it would have probably only taken me a couple of minutes.