Monday, July 04, 2005

flip-flops revisited

Further to my flip-flops rant...

I was downtown Saturday, as mentioned earlier, and I noticed a woman wearing high heel flip-flops. My friends, this is wrong on too many levels. Why would someone take the ugliest, most uncomfortable footwear ever invented, and then put a high heel on it?!?


"What's the matter, Frank?"

"Well, it's just that.... Well... I've been thinking about flip-flops."

"Yeah, we really punished women with them, eh? haha! Ugly and uncomfortable! Booya!"

"Yeah. It's just that... I wish there were a way to make them even more uncomfortable. I mean... They've got that silly plastic thing between the toes, but women can still get about just fine."

"Yeah, I see what you mean. There really should be a way we could make it hard to walk in the things...."



"Wait! I've got it! What if we put a high heel on them!"

"Brilliant! No, wait! Even better! What if we make it a stilleto high heel!"

"Ooh, that's even better!"

"Well, we'll see. I doubt if anyone would actually be dumb enough to buy these..."

"Hey, you never know. We can try, right?"